Hello, I'm Molly.

I currently reside in Denver, Colorado where I work as a wardrobe stylist for film and commercials. I'm represented by Wilhelmina Denver. I'm the creator and of Spare Drawer Designs, a small jewelry company. I also work as a Kid's TV story consultant for Amazon Studios. 

I hail from Wilton, Connecticut, the very town that inspired Ira Levin's "Stepford Wives."  My father’s job as a geologist brought the family to remote locales across the globe, a great contrast to cookie cutter New England (which, in itself, is a beautiful culture) but, I learned there's a vast world out there!  I spent my youth traipsing around in costume, mimicking the traditions within each civilization we'd visit.  Adorned in Bolivian woolens, Namibian batik, Aboriginal headdresses, and spanish heraldic talismans, I was always in another world. 

This naturally led me to the stage, where I fell in love with storytelling and celebrating cultural identities.  I attended Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama and earned a dual degree in Dramaturgy and Fine Arts, graduating magna cum laude with honors from The Andrew Carnegie society. I have since worked in film, television, digital media, commercials, documentaries, Broadway and experimental theater in Los Angeles, New York, and now Denver. 

Want to know more about Dramaturgy? Watch the below!