"Molly not only has a great eye for style and fashion, she is also a solutions oriented team player.  We had a very difficult wardrobe effect on our shoot and Molly was able to construct a break-away shirt with back ups that worked seamlessly when it came time to shoot.  She works great with production and charmed our client from the start.  I highly recommend her."

Larry Shapiro, CEO at Ensemble Digital Studios

 "I have worked with Molly McCurdy for a little over a year. I met her on an Independent Film that was produced in Denver, Colorado where I was employed as the First Assistant Director. She essentially was the Wardrobe Department on that movie. Molly did an excellent job under difficult circumstances. What impressed me most about her was her attitude. She was always pleasant and positive no matter what was thrown at her. In addition to working on our show she was also working on a play after she finished the day with us. She worked for a very dear friend of mine, Katie Saunders, the Costume Designer on the HBO Show “Newsroom.” Katie is an excellent person to learn from. I do know that she has additional experience in several other roles while working in L.A. I would most definitely recommend Molly to anyone without hesitation. I love her can-do attitude. I never saw her down or flustered. She takes everything in stride and is always prepared.
        On the commercial side, Molly worked with us on a huge Ford job with over 25 Talent plus extras and it was a great having her on board. She knows how to conduct herself around the Agency and Clients, and understands how to address the aesthetics and get the pace of things in regards to the demands of the day. Molly has a great eye for color and composition. She sees how things fit on screen and how best to compliment the scene’s objective.
        More than anything she is a joy to be around and work with. Molly is an asset, she can do the job and is ready to put in the work and time to get things done. I always look forward to having her on set. Thank you."

Robert P. King, DGA

"I would recommend Molly on all types of productions as she is attentive and detailed oriented. She does good work quickly and always with a good team player attitude. Molly is full of energy the kind that is infectious on set fueling the passion for her work. She works with celebrities seamlessly as well as us normal folks. Give her the opportunity and you will be pleased you did."

Denise Strong, DGA

"In the play Casa Valentina, my character was one of six heterosexual men in the 1960’s who enjoyed dressing as women. For any costume designer this is a challenge. It takes a designer who understands, deeply, the nuances and sensitivities of each character as well as the nuances and sensitivities of each actor. Molly made each of us feel beautiful inside and out, down to the last detail but also was able to make each of us stand out in our own little ways. We weren’t cookie cutters of the period but true characters that took individual pride in their appearance. Molly’s attention to detail and pure kindness as a person allowed us all to succeed on stage. I’d work with her again in a second!"

Warren Sherrill, Artistic Director, The Edge Theatre, Actor & Director

""I've had the pleasure of working with Molly in both the feature film world and the commercial world.  Her positive energy and focused determination is a breath of fresh air.  She is always a professional and makes actors feel at ease.  After working with her while I was the 2nd A.D., it's a given that if Molly is on the job, the actors will be ready for set on time and they will be happy. She's always prepared and handles pressure very well."

Tara Hunter, 2nd AD

Mark Moran, Producer, "Amateur" (Netflix Originals)

"Molly was a terrific asset to the Amateur team. She brought Hollywood expertise and efficiency to our Denver production, and elevated the whole office organization."