Hello, I'm Molly.

I'm a Stylist. I partner with production companies and advertising agencies to best represent a brand’s aesthetic across all platforms. As a professional tastemaker and brand curator, my job is to define the visual language at play in any story.

I hail from Wilton, Connecticut, the very town that inspired Ira Levin's "Stepford Wives."  My father’s job as a geologist brought the family to remote locales across the globe, a great contrast to cookie cutter New England (which, in itself, is a beautiful culture) but, I learned there's a vast world out there!  I spent my youth traipsing around in costume, mimicking the traditions within each civilization we'd visit.  Adorned in Bolivian woolens, Namibian batik, Aboriginal headdresses, and Spanish heraldic talismans, I was always in another world. 

This naturally led me to the stage, where I fell in love with storytelling and celebrating cultural identities.  I attended Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama and earned a dual degree in Dramaturgy and Fine Arts, graduating magna cum laude with honors from The Andrew Carnegie society. I have since worked in film, television, digital media, commercials, documentaries, Broadway and experimental theater in Los Angeles, New York, and now Denver.